Pregnenolone 25 mg


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DuraCarb™, an energy drink for athletes and exercise enthusiasts, contains both long- and branched-chain carbohydrates. Scientific research as far back as the late 1970’s indicates that the digestion of long- and branched-chain carbohydrates is extremely efficient. In fact, there is evidence that absorption becomes more efficient as chain length and branching increase! DuraCarb contains a higher percentage of long- and branched-chain carbohydrates than many other “carbo-drinks.” DuraCarb gives you quick, consistent energy when you need it, with no unnecessary fat, protein, or fiber. It won’t leave you feeling sluggish and full when you need to feel light and energized. DuraCarb is smooth and mixes easily, with no oily or bitter aftertaste. You can drink DuraCarb before and throughout workouts, to replenish fluids or energy. For optimal energy and fitness, take DuraCarb along with Muscle Dynamo™, Source Naturals® advanced athletic formula. Muscle Dynamo contains vitamin B and other nutrients involved in the Krebs energy-producing cycle.*

Allergies: Suitable for vegetarians. Contains no yeast, dairy, soy, or wheat. Contains no preservatives, or artificial color, flavor, or fragrance.