Ester-C® 250 mg Kidstiks, Tropical Punch Powder Individual^^

Ester-C® 250 mg Kidstiks, Tropical Punch Powder Individual^^

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250 mg Ester-C®, A Unique Vitamin C FormulaB Vitamins Plus Vital Electrolytes For Hydration*Calcium and Magnesium For Strong Teeth and Bones*Folic Acid To Support Cell Growth*Once Daily - Dairy, Wheat and Gluten FreeNon-GMO, 100% Vegan

- No Gluten

- No Wheat

- No Soy

- No Grapefruit

- No Artificial Flavor

- Suitable for Vegetarians

- No Yeast

- No Lactose

- No Eggs

- No Artificial Color

- Non-GMO

- Suitable for Vegans

- Ester-C® Kidstiks are the super-easy way to support your child's immune health and help them get the essential nutritional support they need every day...all in a delicious Tropical Punch flavored powder packet.* Just mix one non-effervescent Kidstik with 4-6 fl. oz. of water and your youngster is good to go!With Ester-C® Kidstiks, you can be sure that behind every kid-lovin' serving is Ester-C®, a unique Vitamin C formula. Ester-C® supports immune health and delivers potent antioxidant benefits that growing bodies need.* Along with essential vitamins like B-6 and B-12 to naturally support energy metabolism, vital electrolytes to aid in hydration, and key minerals including Calcium and Magnesium to help build strong teeth and bones... Ester-C® Kidstiks have got your child covered...365 days a year.*

- 30 Powder Sticks • Tropical Punch