Klamath Shores®  Blue Green Algae 500 mg Capsules

Amino Acids And Protein

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Natural, Plant-Based NutrientsWild Crafted For GoodnessEthically Harvested Without Pesticide Fertilizers or ChemicalsContains Beneficial Whole Food Phytonutrients

- No Gluten

- No Wheat

- No Lactose

- No Eggs

- No Grapefruit

- No Starch

- No Artificial Color

- No Yeast

- No Milk or Milk Derivatives

- No Soy

- No Corn

- No Sugar

- No Preservatives

- Klamath Shores® Blue Green Algae grows naturally in the clean, mineral-rich waters of Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon, the perfect environment for this wild, fresh water algae. It is one of only a few wildcrafted supplements available for consumption, ethically harvested without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. This extraordinary algae contains many beneficial phytonutrients plus the pigment phycocyanin, responsible for the blue-green color of this natural, whole food nutrient.

- 120 Capsules