Tam®  Herbal Laxative Tablets^
Tam®  Herbal Laxative Tablets^

Amino Acids And Protein

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Promotes Regularity*Features Senna to Help Ease Occasional Constipation*Delivers the Holistic Properties of Cascara Sagrada Fortified with a Soothing Herbal Blend for Efficient, Cleansing*

- No Gluten

- No Wheat

- No Lactose

- No Eggs

- No Sugar

- No Preservatives

- No Artificial Flavor

- No Yeast

- No Milk or Milk Derivatives

- No Soy

- No Grapefruit

- No Starch

- No Artificial Color

- TAM® Herbal Laxative formula features Senna, an herb traditionally used to help ease occasional constipation and promote regularity, naturally.* This effective formula also delivers the holistic benefits of Cascara Sagrada and all natural herbs.* TAM® contains no harsh synthetics, so you can beassured of efficient cleansing support when you need it most.*

- 100 Tablets