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Zahlers BioDophilus 10B Advanced Probiotic Formula 10 Billion Live & Active CFUs - 60 Casules

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60 Casules
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10 Billion Live & Active CFUs With a proprietary blend of 11 probiotic strain. Zahlers BioDophilus10 helps support better digestion. BioDophilus10 may also help recolonize the intestines with healthy bacteria helping to support a healthy immune system.Good Bacteria and Probiotics:A balanced intestinal tract helps support a healthy digestive system and can have a major impact on other funtions of the body. "Friendly" bacteria like L. acidophilus help maintain healthy intestinal flora.What’s special about BioDophilus10?BioDophilus10 can help the body support healthy digestion, maintain healthy levels of cholesterol already in normal range, and enhance immune system functionality.

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